Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prayers please for our men and woman serving our country.

Sean is leaving today to serve our country in Iraq!! He, along with many other men and women in the National Guard will be serving overseas for a year!! Please keep all of them in your prayers---their families as well!
Sean, Michelle and Julia have meant soooo much to me for the past nine years that I feel like another son is going to Iraq!! They are just an awesome family---better known as the 'Beautiful Family' when I describe them!! Could they be any better looking? I am Julia's Frannie Nannie and I could not love her more. She and I have had many adventures together since she was an infant.
Julia and her Dad are truly, and I mean truly, best friends. They are always horsing around---Michelle has two children when they are together!! LOL Then you add the three overly affectionate dogs to the mix....YIKES! BUT.....If you love Julia, you have to love the dogs because they are a package deal and the dogs will lick you to death until you do love them!!
You will be missed, Sean!! Don't worry about anything at home, we/ve got it covered........I think Julia and I will have a party every Tues. at the pool all summer long!!! LOL---Just kidding!!!